One out of five children won’t reach their 5th birthday because they don’t have access to clean water. Clean water not only saves lives…it changes lives.

Water is life’s most basic need. In the United States, we often take water for granted. Here, we can turn on our faucets at anytime, and clean water just runs out whenever we need it – whether it’s for showering, cleaning, cooking or drinking.  But, in developing countries, like Haiti, there are communities where no one has running water. Communities like Grand-Bois have little safe water for drinking, let alone showering or cleaning. Even agriculture is affected because the water used for irrigation is not always safe to use on growing food.  Without water, everything suffers.

  • Contaminated water causes infections and disease.
  • Rises in disease and infection increases health care costs.
  • Children have little to no access to an education since time spent collecting water is time away from school.
  • Families earn less overall because time spent collecting water is time away from work.

Access to clean water means more lives are saved, health care costs are lower, less families are impoverished and more children have access to an education.

We believe access to water is a human right. But, in Grand-Bois people live without this basic human right.  There’s no indoor plumbing, no municipal water supply, no wells and no electricity to pump water. Families collect water in buckets from streams, lakes, springs or cisterns –water that’s often contaminated and swarming with germs.

To help change lives, ServeHAITI is currently sponsoring a point-of-use water filtration program under the direction of Gift of Water. Gift of Water provides bucket-based water filtration systems and trains technicians who monitor water quality and proper operation of the units.

ServeHAITI is striving to make a difference in Grand-Bois with sustainable water programs. Today, there are more than 1,300 families currently participating in the water program.

Water Wells

Not only does ServeHaiti assist in water purification efforts, our teams also build wells.
Collaboration between Atlanta and Iowa volunteers and donors has helped introduce several new water wells to Grand-Bois.  During the February 2009 trip, negotiations were finalized and land was procured to build the second well in the region. The well was completed in 2010.

Since 2010, ServeHAITI has completed two additional wells in the Grand-Bois community.  In 2012, we have undertaken a major initiative to complete three more wells in areas.

You can make a difference too.

How You Can Help the Water Program

Give a donation toward the purchase of point of use water filtration units. Each unit costs $25 and can assist a family of four for up to five years.  The replacement string filter costs $5, and charcoal filter costs as little as $4. Both last one or two years.  Five gallons of polluted water are purified with a set of aquatabs that cost $.03. Donate Now!

Sponsor a well. Water is hard to find.  ServeHAITI digs wells to help reduce the time and effort it takes to locate water sources. Each well costs about $15,000.  Churches, groups and individuals can contact, Dr. Joanne McGriff about sponsoring a well. Take Action Now!

Lend your expertise.  Join the water committee based in the United States.  This group comprises experts in community health, engineering, well construction, water works and other specialties that oversee the water program in Haiti. Take Action Now!