What to Expect

While each delegation has specific projects to work on, ServeHAITI feels that the interaction with those we work side by side with in Grand-Bois is a huge part of the experience, and we will try to provide opportunity to spend time within the community as well as free time to explore the countryside and its beautiful vistas. It really is an amazing place! Our goal is that this experience enriches the lives of both Haitians and volunteers alike, and that you as volunteers will be inspired to come home and spread the word about ServeHAITI.  We count on our visitors to share our story with the many who will never get to witness what we call “the magic of the mountain”. Most who visit come home and fundraise to help us help us continue our work in Grand-Bois.

The most important job we have as volunteers is to build relationships with those we work side by side with, Haitian and American

Next Steps

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