Travel to Haiti

ServeHAITI currently plans about four trips a year to

Grand-Bois — each with approximately 10 volunteers.

We welcome volunteers from all over the country, with a variety of experience, skills and interests. Each team will work on projects specifically designated during ServeHAITI’s annual planning conference, while allowing flexibility to meet the immediate needs of the residents of Grand-Bois. Specialty medical delegates are welcome and encouraged. Volunteers without medical training also play a vital part in each and every delegation and are similarly encouraged to join us.

All volunteers donate their time and pay their own travel and other expenses.

Need more information about traveling to Grand-Bois as well as the dates of upcoming trips? Read our Travel Frequently Asked Questions.

Interested in joining us on our next trip?  Please review our
Travel Resource Packet to get more acquainted with the process.

After you’ve thoroughly read through the Travel Resource Packet, please email for more information.