About Us


ServeHAITI is working in solidarity with the people of Grand-Bois, Haiti to achieve a better quality of life.


ServeHAITI’s vision for Grand-Bois is a thriving, self-sustaining mountain community whose residents have access to healthcare, education, economic opportunities, clean drinking water, and nutritious food.


ServeHAITI’s strategy is community-centric. We strive to empower and nurture community leaders and all Grand-Bois residents by adding to their knowledge, resources, and skills so that they become the change from within their community. Emphasizing the values of respect, dignity, collaboration, and sustainability, success is measured by the thoughtful manner in which knowledge, care, and solutions are shared and provided.


Respect: Belief systems vary from culture to culture and play a critical role in defining each culture’s values. We thoughtfully act in accordance with the beliefs and culture of the people of Grand-Bois, Haiti.

Collaboration: Our humanity unites us in our challenges and struggles. In solidarity with the Haitian people, we work towards fostering cooperation and creating partnerships with an emphasis on meeting community needs.

Sustainability: Today’s solutions should not be tomorrow’s burdens. A region’s health, wealth and knowledge are inextricably linked–damage to or depletion of one affects the entire community. Whether building a clinic, providing micro-financing, or planting a garden, we steadfastly ensure that the care, opportunities, and solutions offered have maximum positive impact on community needs with minimal environmental consequences, and provide a foundation on which the Grand-Bois community can build with its existing and developing resources. Above all, we want the people of Grand-Bois to pass on a better quality of life from generation to generation.

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